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Simply The Best!

Shelley Soulliere is a breath of fresh air to all our staging needs. Being in Southwest Florida Real Estate for over 15 years I have tried them all. Finally a real seasoned interior designer who knows what she is doing and delivers results.


—  Jim Westerfield / Royal Shell Real Estate, Real Estate

Shelley Does It!

After having one of my listings just sit on the MLS with no attention, I brought Shelley in.  She did her magic and really changed the place up quite a bit.  Pictures were updated and BAM! I actually had overlapping showings before it sold.  Now I use Shelley as much as I can on my listings.


—  Derrick W, Real Estate Agent

She Makes Memories

"I've been working with staging companies a long time and it's obvious Shelley is a real interior designer. She makes memories for my clients as soon as they leave my listings.  It's the best.  I hear it all the time and I love it!
Thank You Shelley!

—  Jackie Wienrite, Real Estate Agent

Great Job! Thank You!

"Shelley you did such a great job staging my Monterey Listing!!!
Thank You So much for your efforts!

—  Londa Nau, Real Estate Agent

Thank You So Much!

"Thank you so much Shelley for making our condo look so lovely and helping to sell it so quickly!"

—  Stephen Allison / Premier Sotheby's, Real Estate Agent